Best small cars compared: New Toyota Corolla vs Mazda3


Cross-traffic is attentive. Its lane-keeping Aid, also as well as Similar technology on quite a few different autos, shouldn’t be depended upon.


Smartphone mirroring is not navigation and available also Digital radio are 1000 further.

Favors form more than work, having a slick style and design at the expense of viability — luckily, the driving encounter fits its sporty appearance mazda 3 competitors. The engine has a lot of ability, and also, the steering feels marginally more ordinary than it will at another two.

Ride relaxation Is Just as remarkable, Even Though the suspension May produces the vehicle feels a bit overly light more than lumps on occasion. We chased that the traction of those eco-friendly friendly tires at our very first appraisal. But right after further analyzing on recognizable roads, it is evident they’ve enough traction but are only prone to squealing in corners once pushed into their limitation. This quirk of those tires aside, it is the very fun-to-drive Corolla so far.


By far the most luxurious and competent, the Golf is roomiest to boot up. The safety must-haves are covered, and more advanced aids are offered for a little added cost.

Toyota has only introduced a brand new Variant of the top-selling Corolla. Therefore, it is time to Receive reacquainted together with another course benchmarks, both the Mazda3 and also

VW Golf. To measure the playing area, we have picked variations That lineup nearest for the Corolla’s brand new high beginning cost of 27,900 drive-away. All several analyzed value over $500 for each other.


Alone in this trio, it has leather seats, sensor key with push-button start, Dual-zone air conditioning, automobile power-folding side mirrors, and paddle shifters on the tire.

Emergency braking.

Yet, it includes just two USB interfaces to follow a 12V Power socket and 3.5mm auxiliary socket. The rest have only one. That was a sliding cover to the middle console, and also the sound management dials and switches near are far somewhat easier to utilize than related agreements from luxury cars and trucks. Back

The seating area is cozy, with only a portion of the place


and rear sensors, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, high-resolution eight-inch touchscreen, rear air vents, and back door pockets (the other two have only drink holders).

It may not be the most modern-looking interior these days. Still, it oozes quality, from the glasslike high-resolution eight-inch touchscreen to the leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear lever and large carpeted storage pockets in each door. On the dash and doors, there are soft-touch

materials and flashes of faux-metal trim, and there’s padding on each door’s elbow rests.

It’s the shortest car here bumper-to-bumper, yet it has the roomiest cabin, and by far the most significant cargo hold. Rear passengers have a few centimeters of extra knee room. The large window area means outward vision is excellent. Seven airbags and the autonomous emergency braking are standard, but radar cruise control (with stop-start in traffic), blind zone warning and rear cross-traffic alert are part of a $1500 option pack.

Still, the benchmark when it comes to riding and handling, the Golf soaks up bumps and thumps with aplomb. The steering is direct without being too sharp. Its Continental tires are quieter than the Mazda and Toyota rubber by some margin.

Overall, the Golf is a more relaxed drive, possibly due in part of the engine not being overworked.

Despite the smaller capacity, its turbo produces 25 percent more torque than the others. The difference is palpable, although it requires 95 RON — the others run on regular. The seven-speed twin-clutch auto takes a moment to engage the first gear when you release the brake pedal from rest but is fast and smooth once on the move.

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